Faith Evans dropped by The Breakfast Club to discuss Biggie’s legacy and the following topics:

– What the 20 yr anniversary of the death of the Notorious BIG means, how it effects her

– What their son CJ has learned from his father, staying close to Ms. Wallace

– Why she put out the duet project, what it was like recording around his vocals again

– Describes the moments she felt Biggie’s presence in the studio while working on this project

– What it was like performing on the Bad Boy Reunion Tour

– Her rough relationship with Lil’ Kim after splitting with Biggie, why they patched it up

– Getting close with Stevie J, having a platonic relationship back in the day

– Stevie J convincing her to be in a romantic relationship, dating him for a short time recently

– Biggie’s reaction to the times Faith hung out with Tupac

– What the hip hop game would be like if Biggie was still here

– Working on a TV documentary about BIG’s life to premiere on A&E

Check out the full interview below: