Two years ago today December 9th 2014 K.Michelle, dropped her sophomore album “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart.” The music from that album offered a softer tone and a sense of reflection for many of us that were in that same space with K.Michelle.


I often say “music is what feelings sound like” so the 12 track album has hits like Love Em All, Something About The Night, Maybe I Should Call. But it was one in particular that I loved and that was “Cry” were she promises an ex, “You gonna pay me in tears” and there’s “God I Get It” a country-ish tune where she offers a message that says “I’m a mess and I admit it.” The music just shifts into one great song to the next

K.Michelle took to her Instagram to show fan appreciation for the masterpiece she created two years ago with a message captioned take a look below…


“My sophomore album was released 2 years ago today! Thank you ALL for still loving this album.”

Watch a live performance of Cry below..