Pharrell, made his first appearance on “The Breakfast Club” to discuss music business, politics, and producing his new film “Hidden Figures”

– His thoughts on the presidential election

– Gender bias played a part in the reason Hillary wasn’t elected

– How the news is responsible, social media is responsible for the election results

– Social media platforms need to step it up because they helped create this situation by not policing fake news enough

– He never believed in the polling system

– Women and millennials will be the ones to save us in four years

– He Recognizes that politicians are liars because everyone lies in some way

– The pressure caused by the election will make way for the best art/music/fashion

– What needs to change in the music industry

– How the election results will effect the art and music culture

– Space exploration and his new film ‘Hidden Figures’

– Great hip-hop artists emerging from Virginia

– His first break in the music industry

– Extra-terrestrial life

– Keeping in contact with his old group N.E.R.D.

Take a look at the interview below…