President Obama legacy will forever live on for many reasons but its one in particular that will stand out for me and that’s health care. Now I’ve ask myself this many time before, was the country ready for Obama’s vision, many say yes and some say no but that fact is that Obama helped millions of people.

Obama spent the first few years of his presidency and his political capitol on making health care affordable for many Americans, and I would agree even if Donald Trump finds a way to repeal and replace it, It still remains a historical achievement, that several presidents before him failed trying to do and that was making health care a fundamental right for every American. For me that’s a signature achievement in it’s self for a consequential president, and last but not least.

Barack Obama’s family occupied the white house for 8 years with dignity, grace and good humor he ran an administration that was largely scandal free, and he did this all while under a microscope simply because he look different from previous presidents. You know America made a big bet on electing Barack Obama as its first African American President and with great respect to his character and how he ran this country, I think most of the country believe that it was a bet paid in full, as I’ve always said thank you Barack Obama, you being in that oval office was enough for me.

Farewell President Obama, we will see you on your next journey.