If we can all remember a Michael Jackson music video premiere was a complete event itself at your home, well at least at my home it was as a kid. When news broke that Michael Jackson will be releasing a video all things geared to the await of his video premiere.

If you can recall his music video premieres were always on a Sunday after “In Living Color.” So that same night and the next morning all conversations were about Michael’s music video.

“Remember The Time” was his second single off his 8th studio album “Dangerous” and a complete hit. The short film was a set from ancient Egypt and had several celebrity cameos from Edddie Murphy, Iman and Magic Jonhnson to name a few.

Lets not forget the choreography, baby that dance routine was sick (everything) a shout-out to Fatima Robinson for being the dance choreographer and for incorporating such a phenomenal dance routine.

Michael Jackson has payed the way for a lot of artists today, take a look at the groundbreaking video below…