Maybe once in our lifetime we all have been there before when the person we are dating gets that unexpected phone call or text from their former ex.

So lets head back to the beginning of the millennium when female artists from the 90s started to become young women in the industry. Mya, was completely different from other females artists from her look to her sound. With her soft silky voice Mya created her own lane in music and gained respect from her peers in the industry.

“Case of The Ex” is the album’s second single of her sophomore project Fear of Flying and the song is about an old lover who won’t go away. The video opens in a desert setting with Mya surrounded by female dancers, which you can already tell that this video was gonna be good. Tina Landon who’s most known for working with Janet Jackson was the dance choreographer for the video.

Take a look at the video below…


Mya is currently on tour over-seas with her latest project “Smooth Jones” which is her 12th studio project and her eight independent release. “Smooth Jones” was release early this year 2016 and earned Mya a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Album at this year’s Grammy award show 2017.