A Baltimore City second-grader is in the hospital after his parents say he was assaulted by a teacher Monday at his east Baltimore school.

Police are investigating what happened to 7-year-old Travon Grayson at City Springs Elementary/Middle School. His parents said their son has mouth and facial injuries that will require surgery.

Lateekqua Jackson and Travon Grayson Sr., Travon’s parents, said their son is bruised, swollen, cut and is missing several teeth. They believe he was injured when an assistant teacher at the school assaulted him.

“My son told me that (the assistant teacher) threw my son into a wall,” Jackson said. “My son had dreams about it all last night. He’s still shaking in his sleep, saying that he keeps having visions of (the assistant teacher) throwing him into a wall.”

Jackson said the assistant teacher was escorting Travon to the main office for disciplinary reasons at the end of the school day on Monday, but they never made it to the office.

Jackson said that when she got to the school, Travon was in an ambulance and crying. She said the teacher was also there with Travon’s blood on his clothes.

“The teacher told me that he put him over his shoulder, and when he put him down he was bleeding,” Jackson said. “That’s it. How can you tell somebody like that? He said he made a mistake. He said, ‘I made a mistake. It was a mistake.’ That’s what he said.”

Travon’s parents have filed a police report.

A spokesperson for Baltimore City schools issued a statement, saying that the school system is cooperating with a police investigation.

City schools said the staff member involved in the incident is an employee of a charter operator for the school called Baltimore Curriculum Project.

“(Monday) at City Springs Elementary/Middle School a student was injured while being taken to the school office,” city schools said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with the child and his family as he recovers.”

“He goes to school and you think he was safe,” Grayson said. “It’s just really pretty bad.”

School officials did not say if the staff member is currently working at the school.

School police took the initial report, but Baltimore City child abuse detectives are handling the investigation. Travon’s parents believe that there is video of the incident taken inside the school